Regalinas E-Gift Card

Regalinas e-gift card is the perfect gift and easy to send to the recipient’s email!

To buy an e-gift card follow these steps:

To redeem e-gift card:


  1. Regalinas e-gift cards are valid in Greece only for the purchase of products sold on the online store
  2. E-gift cards can be used more than once until the whole amount is redeemed. If the order total is more than the balance on the e-gift card, the remaining sum must be paid by another payment method accepted on the online store.
  3. E-gift cards can be redeemed within a year from being sent to the recipient.
  4. E-gift cards cannot be replaced in cases of the code being stolen or in cases of fraud.
  5. E-gift card purchase cancellation. You have the right to cancel your e-gift card within 14 days of the purchase provided that it has not been used. The amount of the e-gift card will be refunded to your bank account.
  6. If you return an order purchased fully or partially with the use of an e-gift card, the amount that was covered by the e-gift card will be credited back to your eshop account and can be used in your next online order.
  7. In case of refusal to receive an order which has been paid for with an e-gift card, the e-gift card is reactivated and can be used in another online order.
  8. Purchase or use of e-gift cards means you agree to the preceding terms and conditions.